Artists Photoshop Armor On Animals To Bring Awareness To Endangered Species

Owl by Hidreley

Squirrel by Ardaozgen1980

Squirrel By Foxeye

Cat by Mandrak

Mouse by Eduardo Barboza

Sparrow-hawk by Renancio Monte

Bear by Renancio Monte

Lizard by Rungue

Owl By Cintya Warmling

Suricata by Leonardo Barros

Cats By BB2

Bird by Bakalia

Rhino by Bebo21

Cat by MadsDK

Suricata by Ben1000

Suricata by Gersonboy

Dromedary by Eliane Silva de Oliveira

Cat by Imagarth

Cat by Mzpresto

Squirrel by Orionnebula

Penguin by Teo75

Tiger by Stefan W Nascente