Quaid e Azam - Founder of Pakistan

Muhammad Ali Jinnah Urdu: Hi-Muhammed_ Ali_Jinnah. ogg Hi-Muhammed_ Ali_Jinnah. ogg , a 20th century politician and statesman, is generally regarded as the founder  of Pakistan. He served as leader of The Muslim League and Pakistan's first Governor-General. He is officially known in Pakistan as Quaid-e-Azam  "Great Leader") and Baba-e-Qaum  ("Father of the Nation"). His birthday is a national holiday in Pakistan. Jinnah rose to prominence in the Indian  National Congress initially expounding ideas of Hindu-Muslim unity  and helping shape the 1916 Lucknow Pact between  the Muslim League and the Indian National Congress;  he also became a key leader in the All India Home Rule League.  He proposed a fourteen-point constitutional reform plan to safeguard  the political rights of Muslims in a self-governing India.